A Lot Facts About Me

Main Facts
  • Full name : Muhammad Amir Rusyaidi Bin Johari.
  • Just call me Amir.Iman Hazran is my pen-name.
  • Born on 4th July 1998,11.05 a.m at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah a.k.a Hospital Besar Klang.
  • Novelist part-time!
Ancillary Factual
  • I'm very love to read and watch ghost stories.In other words,I'm very obsessed to ghost scary books and movies.
  • A quiet person in class like Iqbal said.But I don't think that I am a quiet person because at home I'm very noisy person.Haha.
  • I'm not interested in K-Pop,English song or whatever yang sewaktu dengannya.
Bombastic Facts
  • Made this blog on March 2012.I don't know when the date was.
  • Wanna learn about English languange.Maybe in this full page I got broken english.Haha.Just ignore about it.
  • Make motivation from some peoples around me and quotes that I read as a guide in life.And most important...I hate you.haha joke joke.
  • Only that maybe some facts about me.Anything to ask?Just ask at my cbox or ask fm.Just share something in this site please.Or you want to request some entry.Just tell.If your request doesn't make any sensitive message.I'll publish it.
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